Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Demon Barber of Tabor East?

I just wanted to share a bit of RP that I thought was pretty funny. The title of this post will make sense soon.

So, back when we first came to Tabor, there was a very hilarious (or in Chance's case, unfortunate) bit of RP that happened in which Chance's beetle friend was squished by his beetle-squishing Master, Will. Chance was very sad about it, and my girl Desi vowed that she would get him another beetle. Even though she doesn't like them. That was a few weeks ago, when we first arrived in Tabor. This was from earlier today...or tonight, depending on your timezones:

[20:45]  Desdemona Adjani walks up and sets down the load of honey, shifting so as to better hide her sticky mass of hair behind her. "Greetings, Master... Greetings, my Mistress." She shifts again, still careful to hide her hair. "Tal, Chance!"
[20:45]  Will Galuptra smiles as the boy heads off, then looks to her, "Would you care to have a look now? I was on my way to check the coin tins"
[20:46]  Will Galuptra smiles to the girl and nods, "Greetings Desi"
[20:46]  Lorianya Resident smiles. "Greetings, mine. What have you been up t--" Her smile twists into a frown when she notices the girl's hair caked with honey, and she lets out a soft groan. "Desi... Do you mind explaining how that happened?"
[20:46]  Lorianya Resident: Of course. Please lead the way. I don't believe I've been there before...
[20:47]  Desdemona Adjani moves toward Chance and whispers. "I have somthing for you...." She blinks innocently at her Mistress. "How what happened, Mistress?"
[20:47]  Chance Byron looks at the girl and snickers
[20:47]  Lorianya Resident rubs the bridge of her nose. "Were you trying to wash your hair in the honey?"
[20:48]  Desdemona Adjani glances from her Mistress to Chance and holds out her hand. a beetle resting in the palm of it. "It took forever to catch it, but..." She darts a glance to Chance's Master. trying to hide the beetle from him.
[20:48]  Will Galuptra smiles and heads toward the tavern, a glance and chuckle at the girl, "it is directly across the canal", as he heads that way, "Come mine"
[20:48]  Desdemona Adjani: No, Mistress! I will fix it before you get back!
[20:49]  Chance Byron cups the new beetle, smiling happily as he hurries to keep up with hsi master's long legs.

Oh noes! Desi's hair is matted with honey! Buuuut... At least Chance has a new beetle. Oh, but this was not the end of this wonderful fiasco. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you exhibit B, in which I become the demon barber of Tabor least as far as Desi is concerned.

[21:18]  Desdemona Adjani grin and turns. "See, Mistress! I said I'd fix it!" She gestures to the honey-caked braid
[21:19]  Lorianya Resident blinks as she returns, her lips curling into a frown when she sees the honey-caked mess. "That... is what you consider 'fixing' it?"
[21:19]  Desdemona Adjani nods vigorously. "Yes! I fixed it!"
[21:21]  Lorianya Resident nods, her lips pursed into a thin line, and takes a step forward, reaching a hand out in an attempt to run her fingers through the girl's usually soft mane. She grimaces and pulls her hand away, wiping the sticky honey mess on her skirt. "Mhm. And how exactly is it fixed, mine?"
[21:23]  Desdemona Adjani looks at her in utter disbelief and plays a few sticky strands through her fingers. "Well, it... it's braided now so there won't be anymore getting into it.... and it will... come out on its own... eventually?"
[21:24]  Lorianya Resident rubs the bridge of her nose and groans, muttering something under her breath. "It is disgusting." She frowns and gestures to the girl. "Come here, Desi."
[21:25]  Desdemona Adjani looks at her uncertainly and takes a timid step forward. "Yes, Mistress...?"
[21:27]  Lorianya Resident frowns and points to the ground in front of her. "Fetch an ulo from the kitchen and come here."
[21:28]  Desdemona Adjani shakes her head, eyes widening in shock. "An ulo...? What are you going to do....?"
[21:30]  Lorianya Resident narrows her eyes and crosses her arms over her chest. "Do as you were asked, mine. I don't want to have to ask you again."
[21:31]  Desdemona Adjani hesitats, loocking from her Mistress to cupboards and then finally decides to move to fetch the instrument, her steps slow as she realizes all too well what will likely happen next. She grabs the ulo and returns to her Mistress, grudgingly handing it over and still keeping a good distance from her.
[21:34]  Lorianya Resident takes the ulo from the girl and sighs, taking a step forward to narrow the distance between them. Without a word, she takes the girl's messy honey-caked braid in her free hand. "It will grow back. In the meantime, perhaps you will be a bit more careful when doing your chores."
[21:34]  Desdemona Adjani tries to scramble away, her hair in her Mistress' hand holding her back as she shrieks. "No, Mistress, PLEASE! Not my hair!"
[21:36]  Lorianya Resident frowns and holds her ground, hoping that the girl doesn't manage to break anything with this tantrum, and moves the ulo forward quickly, tossing the horrible sticky mass to the ground. "It will grow back." she says, her tone firm.
[21:37]  Desdemona Adjani shouts: NO! WHY?! My HAIR!
[21:39]  Lorianya Resident rubs the bridge of her nose. "It is hair. It will grow back. Perhaps you should learn to take better care of it."
[21:40]  Desdemona Adjani glares at her Mistress, cradling the honey-soaked locks in her arms. "Why?! It was FINE!"
[21:42]  Lorianya Resident frowns, her eyes narrowing and her voice firm. "It was an absolute mess. It looked as though you had -bathed- in honey. It will grow back, and you will learn to be more careful doing your chores. Put that down. Now."
[21:42]  Desdemona Adjani falls to her knees sobbing over the chopped locks of hair.

...Yes. I cut poor Desi's hair. For those of you who haven't seen her helping me in the bakery or otherwise wandering about Tabor, it once hung all the way down to her butt. And now, it doesn't.

My girl Desi with short hair.

On top of everything else, my new girl Livette comes wandering into the bakery during the insanity...

[22:27]  Desdemona Adjani: "It wasn't my fault! It was the bees!"
[22:27]  Lorianya Resident chuckles softly. "The bees?"
[22:27]  Desdemona Adjani pouts, arms crossed over her chest. "YES!"
[22:28]  LivetteVisque Resident notes a blond braid by the table then looks into the bakery and gasps
[22:28]  Lorianya Resident nods. "Uhuh. And how were the bees at fault?"
[22:29]  Desdemona Adjani looks to her sister and frowns. "Don't come too close! She may chop your hair off too!"
[22:29]  LivetteVisque Resident quirks a brow slightly, glancing from Desi to her Mistress.
[22:30]  LivetteVisque Resident: I have obviously missed something...

As you can probably imagine, that went...well. Or not. Not would be the better word, I think. However, things didn't end all bad...although I'm sure Desi may pout for a few days yet.

I think she looks just fine with the short hair, doesn't she?

We'll see how long she stays mad. In any case, it will definitely make for interesting RP. 


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  2. *heh* fun! And I like the short hair!

  3. I know, right? I think she looks wonderful. She'll probably still be pouting for days. Stubborn girl.