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In Relation to Desi's Post...

Desi posted something about the necessity for gay Gor:

For those of you who are nay-sayers or just assholes in general when it comes to the topic of gay Gor, I would like to point out this passage. While this doesn't support gay cities per se, as Desi said--gay Gor was born out of a necessity. Because some people are afraid to play with the gays. We don't bite. Well, I do. But I can guarantee that you're not going to catch the gay through that, or osmosis, or otherwise.

Anyway, on to the quote. This is from Magicians. I haven't read it (yet) but when I found this passage I decided I will be reading it next. I've got two passages to share Read them. You know you want to:

"Milo must have exhibited some interest in you, or seemed to exhibit some interest in you," I said, "if only during the period of your seduction, when you were being trapped."

"Yes," she said, "then."

"But after you were in the house as a slave, collared, scantily clad, utterly vulnerable?"

"No, Master," she said.

"He never asked for you to be brought to him?"

"No, Master."

"Why do you think that is?" I asked.

"I am insufficiently beautiful," she said.

"Did he call for other women?" I asked.

"I do not know, Master," she said.

"Did you not see names written on the call boards in the kitchen?"

"No," she said.

"Interesting," I said.

"One of the girls, another one of we three who had been trapped by Milo, claimed to have been with him, but it was proven that she had lied. She had been chained in the stable that night. The house master found out about it and she was whipped, before us all."

"As far as you know, then," I said, "none of the girls of the house were put with Milo."

"As far as I know, not," she said.

"But surely there would be no cause for secrecy about such a matter," I said.

"I would not think so," she said.

"Milo was important in the house," I said. "He is famous. He is of great value to Appanius."

"Certainly, Master," she said.

"It would make sense then," I said, "to suppose that a girl would be sent to him, at least once in a while."

"Perhaps, Master," she said.

"So much is done even for quarry slaves," I said.

"Yes, Master," she said.

"But as far as you know this was never done?"

"Not as far as I know," she said.

"And if it had been done," I said, "it is my speculation that you would have heard of it, such gossip flowing quickly through the corridors of such a house."

"I suppose so," she said.

"If Milo had requested a girl, do you think he would have received one?"

"I would suppose so," she said, puzzled.

"Perhaps he did not request one," I said.

"Master?" she asked.

"Possible Milo does not find women attractive," I said.
-----Magicians of Gor, pages 313-314.


And here's where I narrate, just in case we missed something...

OMFG. Did they just come to the conclusion that Milo likes the boys? I think they did. Yep. I'm pretty sure that's what that last sentence is. GASP. The gays. They DID exist! Read a few more books before you put 'no RP with the gays' in your profiles, people. Guess what? Appanius is from Ar. Not some magical gay counter-dimension.

Here's another passage, also from Magicians. This one is kind of sad, but sweet in a way. You'll see what I mean when you read it:


"My Milo, my Milo!" wept Appanius, looking down at the much-beaten slave. "The most beautiful slave in Ar! My beloved slave! My beloved Milo!"

"He has betrayed you," said one of the retainers.

"How could you do it?" asked Appanius. "Have I not been good to you? Have I not been kind? Have you wanted for anything? Have I not given you everything?"

The slave kept his head down. I think he was sick, and I did not much blame him. He had taken a fearful beating. His back and shoulders were covered with welts. I did not think that anything had been broken. I wondered if he had ever been beaten before. Perhaps not. I myself have doubtless been responsible for a few of those blows, but then they had been appropriately administered. His behavior, after all, had contained errors.

"He is an ungrateful slave," said another of the retainers.

"Send him to the fields," said one of the retainers.

"Sell him," said another.

"Make him an example to others," said the first retainer.

"We can fine you a better, Appanius," said another.

"One even more beautiful," said one.

"And one with appropriate dispositions," said another.

"And he, too, if you wish, can be trained as an actor and performer," said another.

Marcus looked at me, puzzled. He did not really follow this conversation. I did not react to his look.
"What shall I do with him?" asked Appanius.

"Let all your slaves learn that they are your slaves," said one of the retainers.

"Speak clearly," said Appanius.

"Rid yourself of him," whispered the fellow.

"Yes," said another.

Appanius looked down at the chained slave.

I now had some understanding of the jealousy of the retainers for the slave. The slave had doubtless enjoyed too much power in the house, too much favor with the master. They were eager to bring him down.

"How?" asked Appanius.

"He has been unfaithful to you," said a retainer.

"He had made a fool of you, with a woman," said another.

This remark seemed to have its effect with Appanius.

"If this gets out, you will be a laughing stock in Ar," said another.

I doubted this. It is natural enough for a male slave to have an eye for female slaves, and it is not unusual for a female slave to occasionally, say, find herself taken advantage of by such a fellow.To be sure, it is much more dangerous for a male slave to accost a female slave than for a free man to do so. Unauthorized uses of female slaves are almost always by free men. They have little, or nothing, to fear, for the girls are only slaves. The masters, if they are concerned about such things, may put the girls in the iron belt, particularly if they are sending them on late errands, or into disreputable neighborhoods.

Appanius seemed to be becoming angry.

I looked at the slave. His hands were manacled closely behind his back. The chains on his ankles would hardly permit him to walk. The chain leash dangled to the floor, where it lay in a rough coil.

"So, Milo," said Appanius, "you would make of me a laughing stock?"

"No, Master," said the slave.

"One can well imagine him laughing about how he betrayed you with a woman," said one of the retainers.

"It will be the whip, and close chains for you, Milo!" said Appanius.

"No," said one of the retainers. "Let him serve as an example to all such slaves as he!"

"Yes!" said another retainer.

"Let it be the eels!" said another.

"Yes!" said the fourth.

"No!" screamed Lavinia. "No!" She leaped to her feet and ran to Milo, to kneel beside him, holding him, weeping. She turned to Appanius. "No, no, please!" she wept. "No! Please!"

I took her by the hair and threw her back, away from Milo, to the floor, where she scrambled to her knees and, tears in her eyes, frantic, regarded us.

Many estates, particularly country homes, have pools in which fish are kept. Some of these pools contain voracious eels, of various sorts, river eels, black eels, the spotted eel, and such, which are Gorean delicacies. Needless to say abound slave, cast into such a pool, will be eaten alive.

I looked closely at Appanius. He was white-faced. As I had suspected, he was not enthusiastic about this proposal.

"It must be the eels," said the first retainer.

"Nothing less will expunge the blot upon your honor," said another.

"What blot?" said Appanius, suddenly, lightly.

The retainers regarded him, speechless.

"What is it to my honor," asked Appanius, "if I have been betrayed by an ungrateful, worthless slave? It is scarcely worth noting."

"Appanius!" said the first retainer.

"Do you wish to buy a slave?" asked Appanius of me, as though lightly. But I saw that he was desperate in this matter. Indeed, I was touched. His problem was a difficult one. He wanted to save both his honor and the life of the slave. As outraged as he might be, as angry, as terribly hurt as he was, even as sensitive of his honor as I supposed he might be, he was trying to save the slave. I was startled by this. Indeed, it seemed he might care for him, truly. That development I had not anticipated. I had thought that things would have worked out much more simply. I had expected him to be outraged with Milo and be ready, in effect, to kill him, at which point I was prepared to intervene, with a princely offer. If he were rational, and the offer was attractive enough, as it could be, as I had a fortune in gold with me, I could obtain the slave. That is the way I had anticipated things would proceed. If Appanius would not sell Milo, then I could simply keep Appanius, and the others, with the exception of Milo, bound and gagged somewhere, say, in the pantry in the back, and use Milo, still the slave of Appanius, to achieve my objective in a slightly different fashion, one then merely involving two steps rather than one. If he would not sell Milo, certainly he would be willing to sell another, one who might, for a time at least, be too dangerous to acknowledge, too dangerous to free, too dangerous to keep.

-----Magicians of Gor, pages 426-428.

Like I said, I need to read this one next. As mentioned, it doesn't give cause for entirely gay cities. That is a necessity born in Second Life because people are assholes. However, the free man in his passage is a well-known man in the great city of AR. Clearly, he was doing a little more than simply admiring Milo's acting abilities, and yet no one is faulting him for his preferences. Just saying.

Feel free to comment. I just wanted to share. ^_^

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