Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sharing the RP Love

Yesterday, despite the sim exploding, I braved the ferry from Tabor Bay to Tabor East to check on the bakery and make sure it didn't explode to. I did the baker thing for a little bit and baked a few pies, and then I ran into a few new friends I'd met in some impromptu roleplay the day before. Franziskus and his boy Endy stopped by the bakery. Endy made hot chocolate and Franzi and I sat and talked for a little while. This part here made me chuckle:

[2011/11/07 16:07]  Lorianya Resident smiles. "You have a very well-behaved boy, Sir."

[2011/11/07 16:08]  Eolla Resident is Offline

[2011/11/07 16:08]  Franziskus Ninetails smiles over the rim of his bow "Yes. Carrot and a stick is the secret"

[2011/11/07 16:09]  Franziskus Ninetails: "Well... or cookies and the whip"

[2011/11/07 16:09]  Franziskus Ninetails: But your kajira is a well-behaved girl too as far as I could see

[2011/11/07 16:09]  Lorianya Resident chuckles. "Yes, she is. Thank you."

[2011/11/07 16:10]  Franziskus Ninetails: By the way... where is she today?

[2011/11/07 16:10]  Franziskus Ninetails: Is she taming the bees again?

[2011/11/07 16:11]  Lorianya Resident chuckles. "I believe she is trying. And she has been determined to find Chance another beetle...but that is another story."

That last comment goes back to when I first arrived in Tabor with my girl Desi. I was having tea with Will, and his boy brought over a beetle. My girls Livette and Desi weren't too fond of the bug, so they made a fuss. Livette came to me that day, new to Gor, so my girl Desi has been teaching her Gorean.

[2011/10/17 17:10]  Chance Byron whispers to the beetle "Hello beetle. I am your new master"

[2011/10/17 17:10]  Will Galuptra catches the whisper and sighs, pretending not to have heard

[2011/10/17 17:10]  SkinTrader Greyskin listens to hear if he will need one cup or two

[2011/10/17 17:11]  Lorianya Resident watches Chance for a moment and glances up to Will, offering a small nod. "Tea sounds lovely. Thank you." She turns to Livette and thinks a moment, nodding to the girl. "You...will need an exam soon." she says, more to herself than to the others.

[2011/10/17 17:11]  Chance Byron nudges the beetle along "Go on. Walk a little I'm not going to hurt you. " he pokes it again "You will find your nature"

[2011/10/17 17:12]  LivetteVisque Resident notices her Mistress looking at her and glances at Desi, "What was that...?"

[2011/10/17 17:13]  SkinTrader Greyskin smiles, "Two cups of tea then, as you wish." Stands rolling his shoulders back and heads towards the serving area, his thoughts already on the task at hand despite his brother's mumblings

[2011/10/17 17:13]  Will Galuptra closes his eyes and sighs, thinking he may go squash the bug

[2011/10/17 17:13]  Desdemona Adjani moves closer to Livette, but with her eyes on Chance, curiosity taking over as she tries to figure out what he would possibly want with a bug. "She says you'll need an exam. I just had mine..." She rubs the bandage over her nose gently. "It wasn't so bad, really..."

[2011/10/17 17:14]  Chance Byron lays on his belly, watching the beetle struggle "THis is all part of it. you will fight it, but I will help you"

[2011/10/17 17:15]  LivetteVisque Resident eyes widen slightly, "An exam? But.. I am fine..." Frowns at the bandage over her sister's nose, "Yes... I see it wasn't so bad for you..."

[2011/10/17 17:15]  Will Galuptra groans and stands, moving quickly and smashes the bug with his boot, "have you no chores left boy?"

[2011/10/17 17:16]  Chance Byron jumps back then howls "That was minE! He was a PET!

...Okay. So Will squished the bug. Will is the beetle-squisher, and my girl is now determined to bring him a new beetle...despite the fact that she doesn't like to be near the things. This is the part where I sit back with a nice cup of tea and giggle at the ensuing hilarity, yes? Yes. Of course.

I just wanted to share this with everyone. I've bumped into Franzi and his boys River and Endy once before. River wasn't there yesterday, but they are a lovely bunch and very fun to roleplay with. Have I mentioned how much I love Tabor so far? I've had so much fun with my girls and everyone I've met. Lots of fun, great people--what's not to love?

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